I’m Leila, and I’m studying full-stack web development with The Odin Project, which is a free, open-source web development curriculum. In addition to stuyding the curriculum, I’m also a community moderator, GitHub maintainer, and top 10 contributor for The Odin Project. Most recently, I’ve been helping to write the new and improved Ruby lessons.

I’m also getting involved in my local civic hacking scene with Code for Durham and NC Open Pass.

As the project manager for NC Clear Path, I presented our project at Civic Camp and Datapalooza, where we won first place both times! I also got the opportunity to present our project at All Things Open, which was a great opportunity to connect with new people.

NC Clear Path is a team of open-data advocates across North Carolina dedicated to improving mapping and trip planning services for those with limited mobility. We work with open source projects and open map data to create solutions for safe pedestrian paths.

Want to get in touch?

If you’re interested in getting in touch, you can find me on GitHub or LinkedIn.